When AI meets Solana

When AI meets Solana

Solana Labs utilized AI in their recent open-source project with an AI plug-in to help users answer their questions.

AI is helpful when it becomes a bot chat to automatically research and provide answers.

Although I think there are many other usages for AI, the chat function becomes essential to help users onboard at the first step.

Building knowledge of the crypto is important because educating users to use crypto is a long-term sustainable way to help people to use such technology.

AI can add more value to blockchain in the long term, but the short-term hype is unsustainable for the crypto to grow.

Any AI-related crypto scams are examples that they did not utilize AI fully but got on the hype to scam users.

I think AI can also help users to program their own wallets for their own purpose in the future.

If AI can help to program a customer wallet, it will make crypto more attractive in the future.

Photo by Jack Castles on Unsplash