The secrecy from the history - Pythagoreanism

The study of secrecy has been more than thousands of years. Some say it is a cult study, and others say it is a Magick study.

Whether you believe or not, such ideas are shaping the world throughout history, and some relevant theories or philosophies go throughout history either consistently or inconsistently.

If you understand some of the ideas about secrecy or just know them, you may even understand some mysteries like the Bitcoin movement and any of the internet conspiracies.

I will write a series of these organizations and share some insights that eventually derive into the current movement of Bitcoin and what can happen into the future.

The first question is why math but no other science to link to each secrecy movement?

You may think math is "the truth" and it will never lie.

That is no true at first and that idea is occult or put into more extreme and cult religion idea.

But why does every secrecy movement put math into its formula?

The answer is from Pythagoreanism.

Pathagoreanism was named after Pythagoras, the guy whose name was associated of the Pythagorean theorem. But the theory may date back even before Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was famous for setting up a religious school where members took strict vows of secrecy and learned probably some secrecy knowledge, including maths.

And more interesting, Pythagoras discovered any more advanced mathematical concepts and theories on harmonic musical intervals and likely translated those rules into the rule of his school, which became religious doctrines.

He probably claimed those math concepts are true knowledge that everyone needs to follow.

Since there were not clear explanations at the time that why music follows the math principles and you can create music out of the math principles.

One of his students Aristoxenus claimed the music is for the purification of the soul, suggesting that Pythagoreanism belief in the cosmetical view that maybe the universe was created from some kinds of math principles that one should strictly follow without questioning unless someone has the capability to interpret it and becomes some mastermind?

Sounds very familiar?!

Such an idea also shapes modern science and society.

Since Pythagoreans believed too much into math, their practices are strict rule-following and governing of all their behaviors such as diet, living styles or even position to pee for males and females. No kidding!

Now, you learn where all math craps came from and why you need to master math in school to advance your study.

Pathagoreanism shaped many later Greek philosophies and culture, even it revivals many times during the Renaissance and the modern era during the 19th century.

Bunch of modern political philosophy has a trace back to Pathagoreanism and some countries even run their policies through the idea of Pathagoreanism even though they may or may not realize it.

I think Pathagoreanism shapes modern science and technology.

There is no right or wrong here but such ideas inspire individuals to seek knowledge and understanding of the universe to pursue a higher level of intellectual development.

However, such a single idea may not sustain to implement in society as there is only one principle to follow.

I derived this conclusion because Pythagoras later threw Pathagoreanism. I guess followers were tired of rules?

But does that mean math will rule the world?

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