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Yeah, yeah, it is all fake and unscientific, but supernature was a branch of higher knowledge until science came to dominate…

People got too deep into supernature deems to become “nut”…

But too logical is “nut” too. Just look at modern mental illness after removing the supernature idea.

The debate about supernature is being a long time since the 15th century. The mind-body problem persists with how the human brain and thoughts function.

Mind-body problem

Essentially, the debate is about whether or not your thought can exist with or without a body.

If a thought can exist without a body, there is a soul or some kind of entity floating around (ghost perhaps).

If a thought cannot exist without a body, then no ghost or soul or supernature.

Of course, science has its limitation, and so any "unscientific" is not worth discussing.

Does it not worth discussing?

Perhaps it is worth discussing since, otherwise, no way anything can prove anything.

And mind-body problem continues debating even though the computer field declares they solve the ultimate problem with artificial intelligence to prove that thinking can sustain without a body.

It is quite not true because AI is not thinking but feeding with information to produce not a thought but more information (most are disinformation).

Plus, AI alone can only think without continued feeding data.


Since it is unscientific, we cannot observe the ghost.

We cannot be certain if such entities exist but since they are created out of our thoughts without relying on existing of the body, one can perceive them depending on their subjective observation.

That is why some people can see ghosts and other cannot.

And that is so people believe ghosts will tend to see them, and others who do not believe will not see them.


Since we cannot prove that everyone can see a ghost, the haunted object is subjective too.

What sometimes makes it even haunted has no universal definition.

Because it is not a science rather than a supernature which everyone can have different perceptions about such objects, haunted is rather a thought that exist in your mind rather than concrete physical evidence that can be prooved.

You can prove this through some processes, but opinions vary depending on someone's perspective.

But, whether you believe or not, supernature exists no matter what.

Future of supernature

I think supernature stuff will come back even though science continues developing.

Because our mind needs supernature to fill the hole of uncertainty and unknown which science will later further explain such phenomenon, that way, we have a healthy mind to continue processing rather than leapfrog along into the future.

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