Bitcoin economy is not working

Bitcoin may have an economic design false.

If Bitcoin has limited the supply, and the valuation will continue going up per each unit, then Bitcoin will replace the fiat currency.

Such an assumption has a limitation because you are assuming that everyone will eventually use Bitcoin.

But what is the benefit of using Bitcoin beside its limited supply?

The short answer is relatively easy to use Bitcoin than fiat cash.

Its valuation has fluctuated unpredictably, which makes a great speculation investment.

That is all.

As far as it acts like a currency, it is unfair to individuals to use Bitcoin as a currency since its price changes every second.

It is more reasonable to store and wait for the price to increase, then spend on each trade or purchase.

And Bitcoin economy is not working because the barrier to have everyone will to learn how to spend and store Bitcoin before spending it.

It is a closed-loop economy environment just like Gold.

Although it has improved some features on Gold and to prevent potential inflation from the human side, it does not rudimentary change the currency functionality.

It does not make purchases more accessible and more reliable, rather it makes transactions more complex and more technical dependable.

However, Bitcoin is a great speculative asset.

Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash