The currency crisis reaches its peak

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The currency crisis reaches its peak

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·Sep 18, 2022·

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It is more likely the global economy is heading into stagflation. The high inflation will sacrifice the future growth into payment of debts policymakers made in the past due to careless printing of money unstoppable.

Greed is part of the formula for the coming financial crisis.

The downside of the single-point failure in the centralized system is that it will create a catastrophic event that makes the entire system fail.

To prevent such catastrophic events, we need a plan to transit smoothly away from such a single point of failure.

So how do we do it then?

If diversification is the solution to the future's uncertainty, perhaps digital currency is a part of the formula to ease the currency crisis.

Even the central banks hate the idea of reducing their currency domination, digital currency will not challenge the dominance but to create an alternative option for people to choose from.

Digital currency is the apolitical asset that provides a solution without disputing political issues.

Digital currency is a purely economic instrument rather than political leverage for politicians to manipulate.

If the economy blends into politics, there are winners and losers.

If the economy is separate from politics, all participants have space for fairness.

Cryptocurrency can provide an alternative future to resolve a financial crisis that everyone hopes the fiat currency and central banks can resolve.


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Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw

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