My opinion about inflation in the future

First, why should you read my opinion? You shouldn't. And I share my opinion so it may make you reconsider the future. But it does not overwrite your own opinion about how the future will become.

How to bring the inflation down?

It is a trillion-dollar question now!

The government will likely try to tackle the problem by changing the definition of inflation in the coming years.

Just similar to the definition of the recession that the government has changed, the inflation definition will change in the future, and politicians will call it a successful effort to accomplish another challenge.

How can an individual survive in the "new normal" high inflation future despite achieving a political deal?

Inflation hedge

The only inflation hedge is currency, even though inflation will erode the currency's value. Anything that financially engineered assets are less likely to be effective in the long term.

Deflation hedge

Anything that is a necessity is a deflation hedge: food, water, or others that are required to survive are deflation hedges. No mention the skill you learned and acquired can help you also.

Stagflation hedge

Investment in stagflation will not work as effectively anymore. So rather than investing, try to build up your knowledge and skills to prepare for the uncertain future.

Positions in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a speculative asset. However, they may hedge against any circumstances because builders participate in building the future. The key for the blockchain community is to continue working and seeking alternative solutions.

In conclusion

No one can predict the future and all options are not financial advice. However, you can find a way to approach the uncertain future and not just an only way to see how the future will become.


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