AI vs Tornado Cash

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AI vs Tornado Cash

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·Sep 26, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • A truly surveillance state
  • Blocking Invasion

There is more than just a ban on Tornado Cash. %[twitter.com/EmilyMMeyers/status/15709302858..

Since the US Treasury Department announced sanctioning Tornado Cash, it is clear the government chooses AI to move forward with future technology selection rather than crypto.

Why is AI a bad choice for the future? Let's explore.

A truly surveillance state

AI is all about data. But, unfortunately, it is an invasive technology that disregards your privacy.

China has been utilized AI to control and monitor its citizens.

Such technology is so efficient and very easy to watch their citizens 24/7.

AI helps China to reach total control of its citizens easily.

A dystopian state is approaching complete with the help of AI.

Blocking Invasion

Tornado Cash is the opposite of AI, preventing revealing data in the public domain. It is a technology that can be against AI and prevent AI from invading your privacy.

If there is the correct use of such technology and development, AI may no longer be a threat, and the surveillance state may no longer be reached fully.

Some have realized how serious banning Tornado Cash will push Western to move toward the same surveillance state, which is why Tornado Cash may come back again.

If your privacy is a fundamental right, we should prevent the government from taking away our ownership of freedom.


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Photo by Lianhao Qu

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